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The Le Mans gets underway with 52 cars competing, with 185,000 spectators.

03:11Race action

Chanetti leads, to win after driving for all but one hour! Luvo rides second.


1950 Le Mans start, Tom Cole leads away, while Fangio flusters.

04:45Race action

Sommer dominates until an electrical problem drops him to fifth.

05:30Race action

Louis Rosier is pushing hard to build his lead

07:00Pit stop

Rosier makes his last stop

07:56Race finish

Rosier wins and completes a belief-defying all but two laps behind the wheel


24h Le Mans 1951 Start, with heavy rain prior to the race, with Porsche, Lancia, Ferrari and Jaguar all representing.

11:20Heavy crash

Tragedy strikes as Jean laRiviere is killed after losing control of his Ferrari. Moss leads the way.

11:36Race action

The number 2 goes off, and Moss streaks away.

13:12Race action

Jaguar 20 leads after Moss has had to abandon after technical issues.

13:41Checkered flag

Jaguar take victory in 1951.

1946-51 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on 7 Sep 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


A collection of Le Mans history from the years 1946, 49, 50, 51. These post-war years saw huge advances in technology and popularity gaining rapidly on worldwide stage. In 1950 over 100 cars applied to enter!


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24 Hours of Le Mans

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