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Gérard Laureau takes us onboard


40 take on the start


Accident for Roger Masson

02:13Run off

Multiple run-offs as drivers lose control

02:36Heavy crash

A burning car doesn't stop the race from continuing

02:51Heavy crash

Christian ‘Bino’ Heins loses his life in fire wrecked car

03:06Checkered flag

6 Ferrari's cross the line with Ludovico Scarfiotti and Lorenzo Bandini taking the win


Ferrari celebrates a dominate victory

1963 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on 7 Sep 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


A race riddled with crashes and tragedy was dominated by Ferrari, who finished first through to sixth in a race with only 12 finishers.


Channel24 Hours of Le Mans
Program24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History
Episode title1963 24 Hours of Le Mans
Episode number4
Date added7 September 2018
Original date16 June 1963
Run time3:46
CategoryRacing coverage

24 Hours of Le Mans

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