Freemium badge2:00

02:01Starting grid

Introduction of the Peugeot 905


Jean Todt is only focused on his own team


Alain Ferté shares his opinions


Michel Ferté shares his thoughts


The race is underway

08:27Pit stop

The number 6 Peugeot comes in


Number 7 ALD C91 retires

09:12Pit garage action

Jean-Pierre Jabouille has to retire

10:47Pit stop

Number 58 Porsche is in

11:25Pit stop

Mercedes #31 pits

13:21Pit garage action

Porsche, Mazda and Jaguar pit as there are troubles with Peugeot


Jean-Louis Schlesser says they are a bit calmer

17:10Race action

Race update as day breaks

18:05Pit garage action

Mercedes #1 is into the pits


Hugues de Chaunac talks about Mazda

20:45Pit garage action

Mercedes and Jaguar are in to pit


Aerial views of the track

22:47Pit stop

Mercedes is into the pits

23:45Pit stop

Mercedes #1 is in trouble as Mazda pits as well

24:37Pit stop

Mercedes #1 comes in to retire

25:05Pit stop

Mazda comes in to pit

26:05Checkered flag

Mazda wins and the crowds runs onto the track


Johnny Herbert misses the podium due to dehydration

1991 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on 18 Sep 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


Mazda's 787B, powered with a rotary model 26B Wankel engine, won in 1991, overcoming reliability issues in the older manufacturer cars. It was the first Japanese manufacturer to win Le Mans.


Channel24 Hours of Le Mans
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Date added18 September 2018
Original date22 June 1991
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24 Hours of Le Mans

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