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Special awards for the people who help with the running of the race

02:46Starting grid

The starting grid for the 1997 24 Hours of Le Mans

03:22Green flag

Warm up lap


The flag drops at the 1997 24 Hours of Le Mans

07:58Run off

The #64 Viper runs into early trouble

08:30Run off

The #14 BRM Prototype dies at the first chicane

09:29Pit stop

Pit stop for the #4 and #3 Ferrari as the #14 BRM is out completely

10:01Run off

A Porsche is off an out

10:42Run off

#8 Courage goes off roading

11:21Pit stop

#7 Porsche is in

11:53Pit stop

#10 Courage is in for another pit stop

12:07Pit stop

First pit stop for the #25 Porsche

12:45Run off

#10 Courage dives and runs off the circuit

13:12Pit stop

Pit stop for the #43 McLaren

13:39Race action

Standings after 1 hour 3 minutes

14:09Run off

Problems for the #4 Ferrari

14:37Run off

The #70 Marcos belts out smoke, a catastrophic failure

15:14Race action

The #26 Porsche is a little over zealous in its overtaking attempts

15:33Off-track action

The #70 Marcos explodes on the way into the pits

15:43Run off

The #45 Lister's bodywork comes apart

16:08Run off

The #23 Nissan spins at Arnage corner

16:42Pit stop

Pit stop for the #42 McLaren

17:19Run off

The #12 Panoz pitches the #41 McLaren into a spin

18:25Pit stop

Stop for the #7 Porsche

20:34Run off

The #8 Courage is beached at Tetre Rouge

21:45Pit stop

Unschedules stop for the #21 Nissan

22:16Run off

The #27 Porsche is in the gravel after spinning out

22:47Run off

The #46 Lister and the #60 Callaway Corvette run into problems

23:18Run off

The #22 Nissan goes rallying

24:27Run off

The #44 McLaren is in the barrier

25:57Pit stop

The #42 McLaren and the 3 Nissans come in for another stop

27:38Run off

#67 Saleen Mustang has an off

28:56Run off

A spin for the #46 Lister


The #62 Viper erupts into flames

32:03Heavy crash

The #38 Lark McLaren spins into the barriers at Tetre Rouge and out of the race

32:24Pit stop

Stops for the #29 Porsche and the #77 Porsche

34:32Run off

The #46 Lister spins and is beached

35:01Race action

Standings after 6 hours

35:32Pit stop

A hive of activity in the pits

38:49Pit garage action

Problems for a Viper

40:18Race action

Standings after 15 hours 9 minutes

40:29Run off

The #25 Porsche is out


The #29 Porsche runs into trouble then fire bleeds out of the exhaust


The #39 McLaren serves a penalty


The #42 McLaren spins and clouts the wall

42:46Run off

The leading #78 Porsche loses a wheel

44:21Pit stop

The #78 Porsche is sent back on its way and problems for the #3 Ferrari, a pit stop for the #7 Porsche

45:58Pit stop

Nose cone change for the #7 Porsche

46:51Pit stop

#26 Porsche is in and problems for the #74 Porsche

47:35Run off

Spin for the #8 Courage

47:47Off-track action

The #27 Porsche crabs down pit entry

48:08Race action

Standings after 17 hours 56 minutes

49:14Pit stop

Stuck wheel nut on the #64 Viper

50:24Run off

The #8 Courage spins off


The #26 Porsche erupts into flames

53:00Race action

standings after 21 hours 49 minutes


Another fire as the #39 McLaren bursts into flames continuing to hurtle down the track

55:59Checkered flag

The checkered flag waves on the winners of the 1997 24 Hours of Le Mans

56:25Race action

Final classification after 24 hours


Podium celebrations

1997 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on 7 Sept 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


The race saw the first of a record (as of 2013) 9 wins at Le Mans for popular Danish driver Tom Kristensen.


Episode title1997 24 Hours of Le Mans
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24 Hours of Le Mans

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