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Alexander Wurz gives his thoughts on the upcoming race


Henri Pescarolo gives his thoughts


Henri Pescarolo gives his impression


Onboard with the Audi for a hot lap

33:32Starting grid

Drivers run to their cars to re-enact the traditional Le Mans start

33:57Starting grid

Cyndie Allemann and Natasha Gachnang


The expectation builds as they tour for the start.

37:00Race action

Audi push Peugeot hard

39:30Safety car

Safety car and Crash action.

41:50Pit stop

Pit action from Le Mans


BMW and Audi Clash - Audi boss Dr Ulrich is furious.

56:00Pit garage action

Pit action at night - people running into trouble.

01:13:30Race action

Classification wrap at 21 Hours

01:14:44Race action

More Peugeots bow out. The pit crew look on in disbelief and horror, Wurz limps home - another engine blows up shortly after.

01:22:50Race finish

Audi cruise home to allow for a photo finish after a hard battle and an extraordinary result.

2010 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on 7 Sep 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


Focused on being avenged Audi were victorious for the 9th time in 12 years at Le Mans. The fan favourite team Peugeot ran into engine problems which resulted in all 4 cars retiring.


Channel24 Hours of Le Mans
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Date added7 September 2018
Original date1 June 2010
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24 Hours of Le Mans

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