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Anthony Davidson on the general unpredictability of racing

02:24Special event

Weigh in and scrutineering

02:47Special event

The driver's briefing and "family photo"

04:05Special event

The drivers of the #7 Audi talks us through their traditions

06:13Special event

Qualifying crashes, thrills and spills


Frederic Sausset on Le Mans

08:22Special event

More highlights from qualifying

09:51Special event

The Friday driver's parade


Sebastien Bourdais on driving for Ford's return


Alex Wurz on the importance of communication between the drivers

15:30Special event

The contenders for the GT class


Sebastien Bourdais on this part of Le Mans


Neel Jani tells us the goals for this year's Le Mans


JAcky Ickx on the weather


Patrick Dempsey on the celebrities at Le Mans


The 2016 24 hours of Le Mans starts behind the safety car, for the first time in history

24:25Back to racing

The real start of Le Mans as the safety car peels off

27:43Pit stop

First major stops

28:07Pit garage action

Problems already for the #7 Audi


Dr Wolfgang Ullrich on what needed to be done to the #7

30:07Pit garage action

Major issues for the LMP #22


The leading GTE Am crashes badly

33:10Pit stop

The slow zone activates a flurry of pit stops


Giancarlo Fisichella on the state of the car and race


A photographer explains the best places to photograph the Le Mans


Ines Taittinger on relaxing

41:42Run off

The #67 Ford runs off

46:04Pit garage action

Problems for the leaders as multiple LMP1 cars are wheeled into the garages

47:12Safety car

The safety car is brought out due to unsafe track conditions, several cars pit

48:12Back to racing

We are back to racing as Toyota makes a driver change

49:14Pit stop

A change of lead as the #2 Porsche pits

50:20Special event

what the drivers get up to after a stint for fatigue management


The Estonian fans offer their thoughts on this Le Mans


Gary Pratt explains the deficit Corvette has to Ferrari

54:15Run off

A Ferrari and a Porsche run off


Davide Rigon on his efforts to get moving again

57:23Run off

The #7 Audi comes grinding to a halt

57:38Pit stop

The #7 Audi manages to get back to the pits

01:00:07Special event

Alex Wurz explores as a non-competitor

01:01:40Heavy crash

The #64 Corvette retires after a massive shunt with the tyre barrier

01:01:50Heavy crash

The #38 collides heavily with the wall after brake failure

01:02:07Race action

A range of incidents including a fire and the leading #98 Aston Martin

01:03:09Pit stop

The leading GTE Pro cars pit at the same time, less than 2 minutes apart


Tow LMP2 cars collide under braking

01:06:24Pit stop

The #6 Toyota spins out and is forced into the pits

01:07:40Pit stop

The #36 coms in for a driver change


The #28 Morgan catches fire after losing a wheel and is forced to retire

01:09:20Pit stop

The final stop for the #5 Toyota

01:09:50Pit stop

Porsche #2 pits with 11 minutes remaining in the race

01:10:26Run off

The saddest moment in modern Le Mans history


The Porsche team celebrate as they realise they have won

01:12:00Checkered flag

The checkered flag waves on the #2 Porsche as it crosses the line to win the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans


Kazuki Nakajima on the loss of Toyota


Romain Dumas, Neel Jani and Andreas Seidl offer their commiserations


Hisatake Murata on motivation after such a debilitating loss


Sebastien Buemi offers his thoughts on the situation

01:14:40Race finish

Frederic Sausset finishes the race, an incredible achievement


The winning #36 LMP2 team celebrate their victory


Sebastien Bourdais and the team celebrate thei win in GTE Pro


The GTE Am winners


The winners of the 2016 24 hours of Le Mans


Marc Lieb on the battle with Toyota


The winners podium


The celebrations after the race,

2016 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on 7 Sep 2018

24 Hours of Le Mans: The Great History


The race started behind the safety car due to rain but it was a three-way fight between powerhouse teams Audi, Porsche and Toyota for 24 Hours of action-packed racing!


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24 Hours of Le Mans

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