Terre di Canossa 2021

Added on 28 Jun 2021

Terre di Canossa


An extraordinary journey along roads where Matilda of Canossa, Queen of Italy in the 12th century, once walked.
A journey passing through art cities, wonderful scenery, ancient castles, gently-rolling green hills, unspoilt mountain passes, and enchanting villages.
A challenging and demanding race for those wanting to experience it stopwatch in hand, with enjoyable and challenging timed trials and average speed trials.
A regularity race second only to the Mille Miglie in terms of international importance.
A zero emission regularity race.
An opportunity to enjoy some truly unforgettable moments with exclusive evening events set in unique locations, exciting food and wine tours, a taste of traditional fare and the creativity of the best Michelin starred chefs.
A perfect blend of beautiful cars, competition, tourism, gastronomy and relaxation.
A meeting place for gentlemen drivers and gourmands in an atmosphere marked by friendship, relaxation and the sharing of common passions.

The rally is open to vehicles built between 1919 and 1976. A document of historicity is required for Italian cars. No documents are required for foreign cars.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to admit or reject the vehicles; in case of a rejection, it will be possible to replace the car, or the entry fee will be refunded in full.
Italian drivers and co-drivers must have a regularity sporting licence issued by ACI Sport. Foreign crews can present a FIA international licence, or the Italian motorsport authority will issue a temporary one.


Episode titleTerre di Canossa 2021
Episode number1
Date added28 June 2021
Original date20 May 2021
Run time4:17
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