Alfa Romeo's 'traction control' rules breach explained

Added on 29 Jul 2019

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Both Alfa Romeo drivers fell out of the points after the German Grand Prix thanks to post-race penalties issued by the FIA. The team was found to have breached Article 27.1 of F1's sporting regulations, which specifies "the driver must drive the car alone and unaided", after their clutch settings for the start of the race were checked by race officials. Jake Boxall-Legge joins Glenn Freeman to explain what was wrong with the cars at the start of the race, why it would have been an advantage in the wet conditions, and how rule changes for 2020 could prevent this being an issue in the future.


Episode titleAlfa Romeo's 'traction control' rules breach explained
Episode number63
Date added29 July 2019
Run time5:53
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