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Schwantz shares how he got into racing

03:15Race action

1986 Transatlantic Challenge highlights


Schwantz at the 1987 Transatlantic Challenge

13:00Race action

1987 Transatlantic Challenge race 1 highlights - Brands Hatch


Schwantz and Rainey talk about the touch

16:35Race action

1987 Transatlantic Challenge race 2 highlights - Brands Hatch

19:41Race action

1987 Transatlantic Challenge race 3 highlights - Brands Hatch

20:48Race action

1987 Transatlantic Challenge highlights at Donington

21:39Heavy crash

Race stopped after a crash

21:50Race action

1987 Transatlantic Challenge highlights at Donington


Kevin hopes to improve in Grand Prix motorcycles

25:19Race action

Kevin's debut at the 1986 Dutch TT

29:16Race action

Schwantz in Spain after winning the 1987 Transatlantic Challenge

29:39Race action

1987 Spainish GP highlights

31:59Race action

1987 Italian GP highlights

34:30Race action

1987 French GP highlights


Schwantz shares the highlight of his career


Schwantz talks about the new Pepsi Suzuki

37:41Race action

1988 Japanese GP highlights


Schwantz talks about his celebrations


Schwantz after his maiden win

42:17Race action

1988 Italian GP highlights

43:25Race action

1988 German GP highlights


Schwantz is determined to race after practice crash


1988 Belgian GP - Schwantz breaks his knee


1988 British GP highlights - crash with Ron Haslam

49:56Race action

1988 Brazilian GP highights


Schwantz debriefs

51:10Race action

1989 Japanese GP highlights


1989 Australian GP highlights - highside crash for Schwantz


1989 Spanish GP highlights - crash while leading


Schwantz talks about his crashes

54:52Race action

1989 Austrian GP highlights

55:51Race action

1989 Yugoslavian GP highlights

56:53Race action

1989 Dutch TT and Belgian GP highlights - crash

57:45Race action

1989 British GP highlights

58:33Race action

1989 Czechoslovakian GP highlights

59:19Race action

1989 Brazilian GP highlights


Schwantz debriefs his career so far

Bike Hero: Kevin Schwantz

Added on 23 Jan 1990

Duke Classics - Bike GP


Kevin Schwantz burst on to the scene in 1986 at the Transatlantic Challenge races and went on to quickly establish himself as a favourite of the fans. Through interviews and classic all-action footage we look at Schwantz’s rapid rise from rookie to World Championship title challenger. Unsurprisingly his legendary rivalry with Wayne Rainey takes centre stage as they do battle fairing-to-fairing on some of the world’s best known circuits such as Spa-Francorchamps, Assen, Donington, Suzuka and Jerez.

The film ends with the close of the 1989 season so we don’t get to see Schwantz crowned world Champion in 1993 but it gives a great insight into the grit, determination and style it takes to become a true Bike Hero.


Episode titleBike Hero: Kevin Schwantz
Episode number22
Date added23 January 1990
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