Why Winning in 2021 Will Handicap Teams in Formula 1

Added on 11 Mar 2021

F1 Technical Analysis


Formula 1 is updating it's aerodynamic testing rules for 2021 with a handicap, and it could have huge ramifications for F1 2022 and beyond. From this year onwards, F1 teams will have less time in the wind tunnel the higher they place, meaning teams like Mercedes and Red Bull will have less time to develop their machines. But how will it affect the races? Will Ferrari use their extra time to dominate in 2022? Jake Boxall-Legge takes a look at how the new Aero Testing Handicaps will affect Formula One's future.

F1's Updated 2021 Rules Explained - Everything You Need To Know here.


Episode titleWhy Winning in 2021 Will Handicap Teams in Formula 1
Episode number673
Date added11 March 2021
Run time6:34
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