Alpine surprise on podium | Mercedes leads again | Honda winning PU

Added on 5 Aug 2021

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The French squad celebrates its first F1 victory in its 11th race after the rebranding from Renault to Alpine. Unexpected success in a crazy race but thanks to the French driver Esteban Ocon.

The Hungarian weekend sets an important recovery by Mercedes. The 101st pole by Hamilton and the 18 points gained thanks to his second place, took him ahead of Verstappen by 8 points.

A missed opportunity. Hamilton, Verstappen and McLaren out of the game should have evolved in a winning Ferrari, but the Hungarian GP has turned into another missed chance for Ferrari despite its.

Able to challenge Mercedes in terms of reliability and power, the ultra-compact Honda RA621H was born in just six months. More winning than the German power unit, the engine designed by Yasuaki Asaki has been realized in record time.

Not focused, tense, dejected. This is how Valtteri Bottas seems to be right now, but maybe in his shoes, everyone would be the same.


Episode titleAlpine surprise on podium | Mercedes leads again | Honda winning PU
Episode number12
Date added5 August 2021
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