Verstappen leads, Ferrari podium, Mercedes disaster

Added on 26 May 2021

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Verstappen wins in Monaco, takes the lead of the championship and gives Honda its 80th success in F1.

The RedBull driver dominating in rhythm and race management demonstrates his focus on the most difficult and technical F1 circuit.

The Carlos Sainz we saw in Monaco redeems himself and obtains a prestigious second place. His first podium with Ferrari on a day in which the real occasion has been wasted.A second prestigious place in Monaco is not enough to forget the big chance lost with Leclerc.

The potential for an important victory starting from pole position has been jeopardised by a driveshaft failure. A wrong move, an oversight, a risk that could not be taken.

The Mercedes struggled the whole weekend with tyre temperature across every compound. The result was a difficult qualifying session and a race compromised by set-ups not optimum for a low speed and bumpy track like Monaco, on which the W12 was not able to secure the grip from the tarmac.

In Maranello the Performance Development department is starting to shift its focus on the 2022 program. Ferrari has declared itself available to substitute Mercedes for the two days of the 18” Pirelli test in Paul Ricard.

Rules and limitations have always been the first brake on the evolution of F1 single-seaters.

Designers have always found alternative ways and unregulated areas to overcome these limits and obtain technical advantages.

The so-called grey areas have often been exploited in the 70 years of F1 and one of the most ingenious cases is certainly that of the Lotus 88.


Episode titleVerstappen leads, Ferrari podium, Mercedes disaster
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