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Baja Rally 1985

About this episode

They say you're not a true competition motorcyclist until you've attempted the Baja 1000. And you've not "seen everything" as a video viewer till you've seen the best of the action from the 1985 event! Brilliant work from the camera crews ensures that this exciting Mexican race through every conceivable type of terrain is fully covered. Vehicles ranging from the specialist desert racers through all forms of motorcycle to Jeeps and other 4WD vehicles. Competitors ranging from professionals like the famous Malcolm Smith to amateur enthusiasts, all out to pit their skills against the worst that the desert can throw up. It's fast, different and above all exciting. Come along for a ride you won't forget!

Channel:Duke Classic Videos

About this program:Duke Classics - Off Road


Episode title:Baja Rally 1985

Episode number:4


Run time:59m 01s

Category:Racing coverage

About this program:

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