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Best of British: Vincent

Added on 27 Aug 2018

Duke Classics - Bike Manufacturers


The Vincent is surely one of the most charismatic British marques of all time. The first true Vincents made their debut at the 1934 London Motorcycle Show and over the next two decades the marque came to symbolise speed, style and innovative engineering.

Now you can enjoy the full, illustrated history of the Vincent from one of the first HRD racers of 1925 through to the final streamlined Black Prince models of 30 years later.

JAP and Rudge Python-engined Vincents are featured in detail, as well as a unique water-cooled Villiers-powered two-fifty. We revisit a broad cross-section of 500cc and 1000cc models, from the earliest Series A models right up to the final Series D streamliners.

Evocative names such as Meteor, Comet, Rapide and Black Shadow as well as the single-cylinder Grey Flash and vee-twin Black Lightning racers are brought back to life with detailed museum close-ups and action on the road.

We also recall the famous Nero and Moto Vincent sprinters, and even one of the superb Swiss-built Egli-Vincent specials.

And of course, no programme exploring the appeal of this great British manufacturer would be complete without capturing the atmosphere and one of the 'Best of British' motorcycles.


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Date added27 August 2018
Original date12 March 2018
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