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Camel Trophy 1989

About this episode

Fourteen two-man teams from around the globe accepted the challenge of the tenth and toughest Camel Trophy yet. The route from Alta Florestato Manaus on the River Negros proved to be positively demonic. The adventure took the crews from the heart of the Amazon across the Cachimbo Hills and along a gold prospectors trail where isolated, in policed feudal townships are ruled by the gun and survival often depends on the mood of the inhabitants. Camera crews provide breath taking scenery shots and superb in-car camera footage enabling you to experience the agony and the sheer excitement the competitors felt from start to finish.

Channel:Duke Classic Videos

About this program:Duke Classics - Off Road


Episode title:Camel Trophy 1989

Episode number:2

Run time:52m 01s

Category:Racing coverage

About this program:

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