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Crash Kings Rallying 2


Duke Classics - Havoc


Red-blooded Italians may have a love affair with soccer, opera and spaghetti - but when it comes to rallying we're talking pure passion!

This brilliant compilation of over 200 crashes, smashes, flips, rolls and prangs shows just how far Italian rally drivers will go in their quest for glory, in all sorts of weather and all sorts of rugged terrain, from tarmac to gravel. And it's not just the drivers who get all steamed up as things go awry - Italian spectators are just as passionate (and vocal!) about their beloved sport!

To give you a hair-raising idea of what it must be like to come a cropper with these volatile drivers we've included a spectacular selection of on-board camera shots.

So hang on to your seat as trees and banks take a pounding and the ground rises up to meet you!

Not everyone in Crash Kings Rallying 2 is a star - but these are definitely star crashes, plucked from Italy's extensive vaults of amateur and professional camera footage.

Channel:Duke Classic Videos
About this program:Duke Classics - Havoc
Episode title:Crash Kings Rallying 2
Season:Crash Kings
Episode number:7
Run time:1:00:16
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