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Merlin Manx International Classic 1989

About this episode

The Merlin Manx Classic of 1989 heralded the long awaited return of road racing for cars to the Isle of Man. In early Autumn sunshine some 25 million pounds worth of vintage and post-vintage cars took to the closed public roads. It was a glorious occasion with the cream of historic pre-'65 racers. Included amongst this group of distinguished four-wheeled visitors were ERAs, Bentleys, Vauxhall 30/98's, Frazer Nash TT replicas, Alvis 12/70 Specials, Lagondas, Alfa Romeos and one superb Bentley Royce. The whole meeting evoked fond memories of yesteryear whilst providing plenty of excitement and, above all, enjoyable motor racing.

Channel:Duke Classic Videos

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Episode title:Merlin Manx International Classic 1989

Episode number:1


Run time:41m 06s

Category:Racing coverage

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