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Project Healey 3000

Added on 7 May 2019

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Project Healey 3000 is the tale of two enthusiasts who wanted the best Austin Healey in the world - they couldn't buy it, so they had to build it!

Glenn and Anita Day were to become the proud owners of a magnificently restored 1966 Austin Healey, and this is the incredible story of what it took to capture their dream.

This is classic nut and bolt restoration - £54,000, 1,200 painstaking hours and an awful lot of tender loving care to turn a scrap Austin Healey 3000 Mark III Phase II into a Concours Condition award-winner. Project Healey 3000, introduced and narrated by TV's Quentin Willson, is essential viewing for all classic car enthusiasts. Whether an aficionado or an amateur, you will be fascinated by the meticulous restoration process, charted from start to finish in superbly-edited highlights. You'll discover the many stages and essential attention to detail necessary to return this Austin Healey to its former glory.


SeasonBritish Manufacturers
Episode titleProject Healey 3000
Episode number14
Date added7 May 2019
Original date9 February 2009
Run time1:17:32

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