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Sportsbike of The Year 2000

Added on 17 Nov 2018

Duke Classics - Bike Manufacturers


The planet’s most experienced test riders thrash the hottest sportsbikes back-to-back on road and track to find the very best motorcycle out there. Eight bikes, three crashes and more wheelies, burnouts, stoppies, and other hooliganism than you can shake a six-month ban at. Filmed at Circuit Pau in Southern France, the tortuous mountain roads of the Pyrenees, on the dyno in exotic Peterborough and for top speed tests, a two-mile runway, this video features extreme on-board footage from every angle. There can only be one winner, one bike of the year, and that bike is...


ChannelDuke Classic Videos
ProgramDuke Classics - Bike Manufacturers
SeasonBike Manufacturers
Episode titleSportsbike of The Year 2000
Episode number15
Date added17 November 2018
Run time1:23:24

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