Building The Greatest F1 Team | Episode 5: Number 2 Driver

Added on 22 May 2020

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The role of a driver is the most high-profile job in F1, but having a winning pair in your team is often more complicated than just picking those that are the fastest or most successful. Many teams prefer having an alpha and beta driver to provide the best balance for team dynamic on and off the track, and our Greatest F1 Team is no different. In this episode, host Jessica McFadyen is joined by James Allen, Jonathan Noble, Roberto Chinchero and Alex Kalinauckas to reveal who our 18 experts from across the globe have voted as the best wingman in F1’s history that will balance our top driver, revealed in tomorrow's episode.


Episode titleBuilding The Greatest F1 Team | Episode 5: Number 2 Driver
Episode number38
Date added22 May 2020
Run time24:03
CategoryRacing coverage
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