How Honda went from F1's biggest joke to winning again

Added on 3 Jul 2019

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After years of struggle and embarrassment, Honda is finally a winner again in Formula 1, doing so at Red Bull's home race in Austria with Max Verstappen. It's been a long journey for the Japanese manufacturer since its disastrous first test back with McLaren in 2014, and the forgettable years that followed. Edd Straw and Ben Anderson - who have both followed Honda's tortured path back to F1 glory closely - join Glenn Freeman to explain the key turning points that ultimately paved the way for it to take its first victory since the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix with Jenson Button. They also look back at McLaren's role in Honda's fortunes, after it ended their relationship in 2017 to switch to customer Renault power


Episode titleHow Honda went from F1's biggest joke to winning again
Episode number50
Date added3 July 2019
Run time8:55
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