'The Brawn GP story WASN'T a fairytale' - F1 debate

Added on 15 Mar 2019

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It's been a decade since Brawn GP rose from the ashes of Honda and started its remarkable journey towards a Formula 1 world championship double, with Jenson Button taking the drivers' title and the team in Ross Brawn's name fending off the traditional giants on the grid. But was it really David slaying Goliath, as it is often remembered? Stuart Codling presents his argument that the Brawn BGP 001 was the result of hundreds of millions of dollars of development while the team was still Honda in 2008, and the fact it only narrowly won the '09 title isn't as impressive. Edd Straw counters that the human side of the story and how close the entire team came to closing cannot be overlooked. Who is right? You decide.


Episode title'The Brawn GP story WASN'T a fairytale' - F1 debate
Episode number2
Date added15 March 2019
Run time9:58
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