Why F1 Teams DON'T Want Andretti To Join Formula 1

Added on 18 May 2022

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Why would Andretti Autosport racing in Formula 1 hurt the current 10 teams on the grid? Michael Andretti, head of the Andretti teams in Indycar, Formula E, Supercars and more, has been eying up the 11th team spot on the F1 grid for a while now.

But the rest of the teams, including Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari and more, aren't providing their support to the new team just yet, for a good reason. Luke Smith takes a look at why Andretti is so interested in racing in Formula 1, why the existing teams don't want it, and what this means for the future of Andretti and Formula 1.


Episode titleWhy F1 Teams DON'T Want Andretti To Join Formula 1
Episode number1
Date added18 May 2022
Run time5:39
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