Le Mans 24 Hours Virtual - 8 Hour Highlights

Added on 13 Jun 2020

Ferrari in Endurance


The second four hours of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual offered far more excitement than the first. Amidst plenty of twists and turns, the fates of the Ferrari 488 GTEs involved began to diverge.

Blackout: Four hours and 46 minutes in, a technical problem with one of the servers hosting the rFactor 2 platform, the game used for the race, forced the race direction to display the red flag and freeze the positions. The race was back under the green flag, with the gaps erased, only 54 minutes later with Enzo Bonito seventh behind the wheel of Ferrari no. 52, Kasper Stolze eleventh in AF Corse no. 51, Miguel Molina thirteenth in no. 71, and Thomas Mella seventeenth in Ferrari no. 54 of Strong Together.

Resumption: At the restart, the highly experienced GT driver Enzo Bonito went all out, making up a few seconds on everyone and climbing to second place behind the Porsche no. 93 of Tandy-Guven-Rogers-Oostgard. Mella also put in an extraordinary performance in car no. 54 car, rising to twelfth, while Molina lost a position. However, car no. 51 was hit by a steering wheel problem at the pitstop costing it five laps. It is now second to last with David Perel at the wheel.


Episode titleLe Mans 24 Hours Virtual - 8 Hour Highlights
Episode number13
Date added13 June 2020
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