#ThinkingForward with Mattia Binotto & István Kapitány

Added on 5 Sept 2021

Thinking Forward Series


Formula One will have new power units from 2025 that will run on 100% sustainable fuels.

So how big a change is that going to be? As great as the shift from V8s to hybrids? And while many governments around the world seem to speak today only of electric cars as the future, how powerful a message will Formula One be sending that the future of cars and mobility doesn't have to be all electric?

To help us answer this, we spoke to Scuderia Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto and his F1 fuel partner Istvan Kapitany, Shell’s Global Executive Vice president for mobility.


Episode title#ThinkingForward with Mattia Binotto & István Kapitány
Episode number8
Date added5 September 2021
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