2020 GLC 43! New Teeth & New Bite!!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


FINALLY the GLC 43! So far on RBR we have tested the GLC63S in both pre facelift and updated versions, and found the facelift to be better in every area other than sound. Not to mention that crazy loud car in Abu Dhabi! We also tried this car’s elder sibling the GLE53 and fell in love with how much AMG DNA exists within it. But never tried the previous GLC 43! So today let us take a look at the facelift GLC 43 coupe and see what’s changed! Firstly: What is a 43 car? They exist in the same entry level family as the 35 and 53 AMG cars, but for the mid size C Class family. That means this car has the V6 Bi Turbo engine as seen in C43. But in the facelift this has been upped to 390BHP an increase of 23HP, with the 520nm, and a 4.9 0-60 - all thanks to software updates mainly! It is of course all wheel drive too: using the 4MATIC system which is mildly rear-biased split of 31 to 69 percent. Though, not the 100% variable 4Matic + you’d find in both the GLC63S and GLE53! The looks have taken a big upgrade on the front, with a whole new Facia for the GLC. Gone is the smiley face of old, replaced with the angry one started by the GT family, compare to the previous 43, and there’s a big visual update and we will explore all these changes today too! In the UK we get three different ordering options, which we will also explore. So a certain injection of more AMG flavour into this facelift, but will it prove itself worthy of the AMG badge?! Today we explore: - The Old GLC 43 - AMG V6 Bi turbo - Performance updates - Design updates vs Old GLC 43 - UK Versions - Basic, Premium, Premium Plus - Interior Highlights and Voice Control - AMG Digital driver zone - AMG Emotion Start - the loud start! Exhaust and revs - Full Road review - Conclusion Up next on on RBR is a discussion on the NEXT Mercedes SL!! Subscribe to support us and see it first. :) Also check my instagram below for the full Month’s filming schedule!! In my highlights: Follow us: Raz - https://www.instagram.com/rokenr/ - https://www.tiktok.com/@rokenr Jamie - https://www.instagram.com/shotbyjamieb RBR - https://www.instagram.com/removebeforerace Credits: Sound effects obtained from www.zapsplat.com Dj Quads - Game Time NBA2k17 Footagecrate.com for VFX AND SOUND effects! Driving disclaimer: Please note all driving shots have been filmed on closed roads.


Episode title2020 GLC 43! New Teeth & New Bite!!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date4 May 2020
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