2021 GLA 45 S! Is the Bigger A45 as Exciting!? Full Review

Added on 21 Dec 2020


The 45 S series latest entry is a sporty crossover for the “lifestyle” customer according to #MercedesAMG. But #AMG sell so many SUVs now, it’s hard to keep track what fits where, and for who. So I’ve gone to the trouble to show every AMG SUV, here in this video. Then try and decide where this new Rocket from Affalterbach fits in. So first let’s see what has improved vs the old one. Previous car mimicked the A45 of it’s time with 380BHP, 0-60 of 4.8 seconds from the 4 cylinder single turbo engine. The 4matic was it simplest application, with a maximum of 50% power to the rear. And the car itself was an oddly less practical car than the A45. But despite this it was to my eyes quite good looking in full fat AMG form. Though easily forgotten in front of the A45, the whole GLA was still massively successful with 1 million units sold. The new car is quite a departure just in pure size, and this needed to happen. 10cms higher, 1.5 shorter. = much more rear space and headroom. But those dimensions had the unintended effect of making it more a small blobby suv rather than a larger hatchback. The GLA 45 S throws out the simpler AMG formula of standard 4Matic+ 4 cylinder engine and takes all the internals of our Thor, A45S. This is a good thing. The mental new engine producing 421BHP, and 0-60 in a mere 4.3 seconds is fantastic. Torque is higher as is the 7200 rev limit, and the car gets a more open exhaust vs the 35 version meaning lots of pops and bangs! It’s connected to a fast reacting 8 speed DCT. But the best bit is the 4Matic+ system with fully variable power, meaning we can go 100% to rear like the GLE53. But not drift mode, are you heart broken? Suspension and rigidity are up a notch with a sheer pane up front, and more braces front and rear, and as we saw in A45S, it should add some genuine sporting ability to this mini SUV Looks wise it doesn’t quite follow the A45S and CLA I having a totally unique design. Rather frustratingly the body work is identical to the 35, something we will explore. That being said, it does look rather GLE and GLC from some angles, which means it’s playing less pretend SUV now. But the GLA45S faces tough competition just internally, so today we explore: - Every AMG SUV compared! GLS 63, GLE 53, GLE63S, GLC43, GLC63S, G63, GLB 35, GLA 35 - Did i miss any? - GLA45S vs GLC 63S and GLE53 on price - Old GLA45 2014/2017 - New GLA dimensions - GLA45S Engine - Drivetrain and 4matic+ - GLA45S vs A45S and CLA45S on design - GLA45S vs GLA 35 on design - Aerodynamic Package - Future GLB 45S - GLA45S exhaust sound - Interior review - Full Performance Review - Conclusion Up next on on RBR is the GLA 35, Porsche Macan Turbo, Cayenne GTS, Taycan Turbo S, New E Class, E63S Sedan and MUCH MUCH More!!


Episode title2021 GLA 45 S! Is the Bigger A45 as Exciting!? Full Review
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