2021 Mercedes S Class! Controversial Design?! Exterior / Interior First Look!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


The King of Luxury, Tech and Safety is back! Thanks to Squarespace for sponsoring this video! For 10% off your first Squarespace website or domain, visit https://squarespace.com/removebeforerace and use my code "removebeforerace". Welcome back to RBR guys! I’m a little late to new #SClass, but it’s great for you guys, because today I have the new S500 4Matic LWB out in the wild rather than a dead studio setting! Plus it’s in a new series production colour, Onyx black! The continuous ancestry of the S-Class begins with the model 220 (W 187) of 1951. 1954 w180 Ponton, 1959 W111 The designation "S-Class" was officially introduced with the 116 series in 1972. We’re going to take a look at every generation in summary, till we get to the new model of the flagship #MercedesBenz! The new car is slightly bigger in all directions, but extremely aerodynamic with a 0.22 C figure. Maybach inspiration is heavy on the design, straight from the Vision 6 concepts particularly in AMG line! The flush-mounted door handles (optional) are also a stand out change. As with every S Class the 223 brings a host of technical and safety achievements. The first rear front facing airbags, new levels of autonomous driving, and the smartest car operating system ever in MBUX’s latest version. Acoustic foam and other measures taken in the body in white make this the quietest S Class ever, and the addition of Rear-axle steering means 2 meters saved on turning circle, making it the same as A Class! And the crazy digital DIGITAL LIGHT (optional extra) allows completely new functions, e.g. the projection of marking aids or warning symbols to the road!! But is the outside and inside design too polarising? Are the screens too much of a change? Today we explore: - Predecessors to the “S” - W116 - the first S Class - W126 - careful evolution - W140 - boxy domination - W220 - a soft s class - W221 - return to form - W222 - the sweet spot? - W223 - New car - Exterior design - Normal trim and AMG Line - Technical highlights - Digital headlights - Different engines - Future S Classes - Interior review and details - 223 interior vs old S Classes - Conclusion Up next on on RBR is the M340i, New M3 and M4, Cayenne GTS, Taycan Turbo S and MUCH MUCH More!!


Episode title2021 Mercedes S Class! Controversial Design?! Exterior / Interior First Look!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date20 September 2020
Run time25:13

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