Aston DBX: 007’s SUV is here!! First look

Added on 21 Dec 2020


The ASTON #DBX is here!! The last car of the Second century of #AstonMartin following on from DB11, Vantage and DBS: the DBX is the company’s first fully fledged 5 seater, and SUV, and it comes at a time where the company is looking to rocket into the future. Can DBX propel AML to where it wants to go? We first saw the Concept DBX, which was more like a DB11 on stilts: whereas “The Adventurer” is a much more practical traditional off roader. Built in new St Athans plant in wales on a New SUV platform, clean sheet design bonded aluminium platform just like the sports cars Aston make! Making the DBX unique in class. DBX is about breadth of ability - Aston call it an SUV with the soul of a sports car. it seals to achieve this with Triple volume air suspension, 48v anti roll system, And a more powerful engine with AMG’s uprated V8 at 542BHP and 700NM. We will also explore the Design: with the Classic Grille of Aston Martin, Classic style lights And every area where design means aerodynamic requirements. Then onto the interior which is much like DB11, but beyond with Interior spaciousness as the focus from the outset in this clean sheet platform. Each interior takes 200 hours of hand crafting, and we will show you every detail! Today we see: - The Second Century of Aston Martin - DB11 “Gentleman” - Vantage “Hunter” - DBS “Brute in a Suit” - Concept DBX vs DBX - Is DBX a Mercedes platform? No! - DBX bonded aluminium platform - DBX V8 Engine from AMG - DBX drive train, AWD, Suspension, Gearbox - DBX exterior design Highlights - Specs available - Interior design - Interior tech - Weird and wondering package: per package, ski package, event seating Up next on on RBR is the World Premiere of the GLS 600 Maybach coming this week!! Subscribe and hit the bell icon 🔔, show your support AND see it first. Also check my instagram below for the full Month’s filming schedule!! In my highlights! :) Follow us: Raz “Roken” - RBR - Credits: Sound effects obtained from Dj Quads - Game Time NBA2k17


Episode titleAston DBX: 007’s SUV is here!! First look
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date21 November 2019
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