BMW X6M competition! - So Long, Urus!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


Subscribe and help our unique car show grow!! 😈 Hey guys welcome back to RBR! And it’s time for some more M Power!! With the Original Performance Sports Activity Vehicle, the X6M! The market for Coupé performance SUVs is now one of the most hotly contested in the industry, with smaller Performance SUVs like the Stelvio and GLC63 battling over the top spot on the ring, then the huge RSQ8 becoming the fastest in the world, along side the emergence of the Urus Super SUV from Lamborghini, the new DBX and the upcoming SUV Ferrari. Oh and the bulbous looking Tesla model X (I blow it up for your enjoyment). But where other factors may come in with the battle between the standard SUVs like X5 and GLE, in the Coupé SUV arena it’s all about design! Because the Coupé customer is looking for the most sporty and muscular Looking suv they can get their hands on! Enter the original, the BMW X6! First in concept form, Reception to the car on its original release was cold by many, asking why you’d ever want an SUV that’s less practical! Yet slowly but surely every manufacturer has followed suit, with the GLE, Q8 and even Cayenne Coupé. I too fell prey and have had a host of suv coupes in the recent past There have been a number of X5/6 M cars in the last two gens, but as I said things had hotted up since this car arrived with smaller cheaper cars: now enter Gen 3! Simply put, it’s a beast: 625 BHP, 750nm and a hugely improved 3.8 0-60. This is now treading the heels of the so called Super SUV Urus. Of course power is only one side of the equation: the car also has M Xdrive variable all wheel drive, and much more. But is it enough to help this car stand out vs the small fast SUVs, and even tackle the super SUV genre? Today we explore: - Performance SUV Coupé brief history - Urus, DBX etc - History of the X6 and X6M - E71 X6M - F86 X6M - S63 engine - M Xdrive, M servotronic, M Rear diff, M Sports exhaust - Exterior Design - X6M vs X6 M50i - Interior review - Full driving review - Conclusion Up next on on RBR is the RSQ3!! Subscribe to support us and see it first. :) Also check my instagram below for the full Month’s filming schedule!! In my highlights Follow us: Raz “Roken” - Jamie - RBR - Credits: Sound effects obtained from Dj Quads - Game Time NBA2k17 for VFX AND SOUND effects! Driving disclaimer: Please note all driving shots have been sped up or filmed on closed roads.


Episode titleBMW X6M competition! - So Long, Urus!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date16 March 2020
Run time18:46

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