IS the Brabus B35S AMG A35 Better than the A45?!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


UPGRADED AMG A35 By Brabus!! A first exclusive look at the A45 rivalling hatch! Welcome back to RBR guys and today we we get a first world exclusive look at Brabus’ first upgrade program for the New A Class - the Brabus B35S with the “BRABUS PowerXtra B 35 tuning kit” upgrade. The standard A35 is a great car, being close in terms of drive train and feel to the old A45. But it always felt slower than that flagship A45. Thats were the makers of monsters, #Brabus, come in!! The B35S provides a plug-in solution giving the #A35 365BHP and 460NM of torque! It also has a host of design and subtle carbon fibre upgrades to this initial version that we will explore, as well as the valve control exhaust you’ll hear! Today we explore: - A35 VS B35S - Brabus B35S Design upgrades - Performance numbers - Method of upgrade - Future cars - Brabus A45S - Interior - Brabus B35S valve control Exhaust - start up and revs - Road drive This is one in a string of Brabus videos, including a full Brabus factory tour, another world exclusive with the C63S facelift 600 upgrade and finally the big beast G800 based on the G63 coming next!! Up next on on RBR is The New GLE 53 preview!!


Episode titleIS the Brabus B35S AMG A35 Better than the A45?!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date7 October 2019
Run time10:03

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