Meet Ron: the 680BHP Hybrid Porsche!! Mr AMG on the New Panamera

Added on 21 Dec 2020


Electric meets V8 in this near 700 BHP Wagon!! Welcome back to RBR and our first ever foray into Porsche, it’s been a long time coming and we deliberately wanted to start here at the most unlikely car to hold a Porsche badge, and then work our way to the original, the 911 with the epic new 992 coming very soon!! Meet Ron. Want to know why he’s named after Ron Burgundy? Watch the video! So that the car we start with today, is the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid Sport Turismo. Best take a breath before you tackle that one! It’s been described by Porsche’s director of powertrains Arno Bögl as a “918 for the family”, and as the name gives away, it pairs their new V8 with an independant electric drive train. But you guys know we love to tell a car’s story, and the Panamera like all Porsche has a fun tale to tell. Heard of the 989? Stretched 928? No? Fear not! We will take you through every significant 4 door Porsche have imagined and created leading up to the original Panamera, all the way to the upcoming Porsche Taycan. This particular car borrows heavily from the Panamera Sport Turismo concept in 2012. This made petrolheads who didn’t like the original very happy, myself included. With much more Porsche DNA, and 911 influence. A new platform also debuted in the now New Panamera, called the MSB platform, done by Porsche for VAG group. But rather than being a petrol version like the Panamera Turbo S of old, this is a hybrid car, pairing electric motors and combustion. And thus the car has the Panamera Turbo’s 4.0 V8 producing 542BHP, and between that and the 8 speed PDK gearbox an electric motor producing another 134. All in all that’s 670 BHP, and 850nm going to an all wheel drive system!! The only cars more powerful in the range, are the GT2RS and the 918 hypercar! But with added weight, how will the car behave with regards to dynamics and power? With the coming of the AMG GT 4 door, where does this Panamera sit in the market? And just how good is the new interior? In this review we explore: - History of 4 door Porsche - First Cayenne - 989 Concept by Ulrich Bez - 928 Stretch - Original Panamera 970 - Sport Turismo Concept - The new Panamera 971 - The Hybrid Powertrain - Taycan and the future - AMG GT 4 door - Exterior Design - Interior Design - Sound check & Exhaust Revs - Full performance driving impressions - Electric Mode - Conclusion Up next on on RBR is the Geneva Motorshow Coverage of the GLE 53 4matic+!!


Episode titleMeet Ron: the 680BHP Hybrid Porsche!! Mr AMG on the New Panamera
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date11 March 2019
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