Mercedes-AMG Engine Factory!! + Official CUSTOM AMG Studio!!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


Behind the Scenes #InsideAMG!! Welcome to Affalterbach home of Driving performance brand Mercedes #AMG! Here is where the engines that power the brutal beasts at AMG shard hancrafted by single engineers, following the “one man one engine” principle. Today we get an incredible behind the scenes look at the Factory, not only to see the engine building but we will also explore the individualisation available direct at AMG. Ranging from custom AMG interior individualisation, custom leather, carbon colours, new steering wheels, custom AMG Alloys and more. This is the factory where the engines for all AMG flagships are built: cars like the C63S V8, AMG GT family including the GTR, GT63S / G63 and E63S family’s and even the Aston Martin engines found in the Vantage, DBX and DB11! Today we see: - AMG Performance Studio - One Off AMG GT R custom! Satin Orange Metallic - The studio sample room! - Custom AMG steering Wheels - Custom AMG mats - Custom AMG interiors - F1 Safety Car AMG GT R - AMG winter sporting race taxi C63 - AMG V8 Engine production - GT 4 door engine - Installing the AMG Pistons - Cranking the AMG engine - New AMG 45 engine factory - Michael Kübler at AMG - The new 4 cylinder AMG engine Up next on on RBR is the Porsche Cayman GTS!! And then more Brabus!!


Episode titleMercedes-AMG Engine Factory!! + Official CUSTOM AMG Studio!!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date3 November 2019
Run time16:18

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