Mr AMG on the AMG GT R Pro! Road Legal Track Demon!!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


Next Level before Black Series!! This is the more extreme AMG GT R, the PRO! Not that anyone one ever came away from a the normal R thinking it’s slow, but AMG are so engrossed in motorsport that they cant help but upgrade. The performance versions of the GT family really started off with the most extreme car, the track only customer racing AMG GT3. Of course I’ll show you this, with it’s naturally aspirated M159 V8 from the days of the C63 and SLS, including black series. AMG have been racing with this car for years now, and during this time took what they learnt and applied it to the standard AMG GT, created the AMG GT R, aka the beast of the green hell. With lightweight construction, 585 BHP, an impressive Nürburgring lap time, and the naughty traction buttton from that GT3 car it’s one of the most extreme cars on the road. Then AMG made the AMG GT4, also a track only customer racing car, this time ironically based on the GTR. And now taking what they have learnt in both their GT 3 and GT 4 cars, and incorporated it into the GT R: the GT R Pro, a 750 unit limited numbers car!! Happy to say I’m getting one soon too!! AMG categorise the enhancements from motorsport in 4 areas: Suspension, Aerodynamics, lightweight construction, AND Looks! So we’re going to take a look at all the new aero providing the 100kg extra downforce, the weight saving to reduce the 25kg off the original 1645kg kerb weight and a look at every external detail!! Including a look at some Surprising links like the 190E EVO 2 Cosworth! Spec wise you’ll notice the carbon package 1 and 2 are standard too. And with this spec you get the light green stripes reminiscent of the GT4 and GT3 racing car. BUT for those of us who’d prefer to spec differently, you can get the full choice of GT R paint colours, every other spec comes with Graphite stripes. All those changes allowed AMG to shaved a huge 10 seconds off their original Ring lap time, driven by my buddy Maro Engel, for a time of 7:04 which is a commendable improvement. But does it differ enough to the GT R in standard form? Is it louder, or the same with the addition of the particle OPF filter? What’s it like on track?!


Episode titleMr AMG on the AMG GT R Pro! Road Legal Track Demon!!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date10 April 2019
Run time13:14

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