Mr AMG on the New GLE! New Tech, AMG Versions, & VFX galore!!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


Welcome back to RBR, let’s steal the new Mercedes Benz GLE 450 for ourselves for little while so we can appreciate it properly! :)

This is not a facelift, but a whole new model for the main Mercedes Benz SUV, the GLE. But of course it wasn’t always known as GL “E” was it? The car was originally launched in 1997, and in Jurassic park Lost World, as the Mercedes M Class, or ML.

And was the star’s first venture into the premium SUV territory after the G Wagon. It’s now a cornerstone of Mercedes Sales, at least until the hugely popular GLC arrived. Now the GLE must work harder for it’s existence to be justified! And that’s why the 2015 name change is important, because it the focus is on the GL E, part. Just like GLA, and GLC, This is meant to be an E-Class level luxury SUV. And when you compare this whole new model to the previous car, you can really see the E DNA firmly in this.


Episode titleMr AMG on the New GLE! New Tech, AMG Versions, & VFX galore!!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date22 October 2018
Run time18:31

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