Mr.AMG on the A35! First look at AMG’s Entry Level Beast! + A45 update

Added on 21 Dec 2020


Straight from the Paris Motor Show, Mondial Auto, a NEW Motor show report style that you’ve never see before!! (Courtesy of Dragonball Z powers)

So here is the new entry level car to the whole AMG family, the AMG A35 4matic, here in Edition 1 Guise! It’s now the first car of the AMG family, and the cheapest AMG money can buy: but don’t underestimate it with that in mind, because this may have more true AMG DNA than any other non-63 flagship thus far!

Back in 2012 AMG released the A45, and I was more than sceptical, as were most of you. It ended up being one of the most raw and fun AMGs you could have, irrespective of price. So history says, don’t second guess AMG when they are excited about a hot hatch!

Looking at this, you immediately feel it looks very similar to the current A45. And it really does look similar doesn’t it?! An updated version of it. And the similarities are MORE than skin deep, as you’ll see in the review.


Episode titleMr.AMG on the A35! First look at AMG’s Entry Level Beast! + A45 update
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date4 October 2018
Run time17:31

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