New 2021 S-CLASS INTERIOR! Future of Mercedes Luxury Technology!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


That huge screen you’ve all seen is here! Finally the whole system of the New #SClass in unveiled at a secret #MeetMyMBUX event at Mercedes’s design centre in Sindelfingen! Theres tonnes to unpack, that goes well beyond just big screens, and really shows how the #NewSClass will take #MercedesBenz user experience to the next level. We have a 3D driver screen, yes 3D! A huge new HUD screen with augmented reality features, “Hey Mercedes” voice control has also been taken to the next level, and the new S Class even has biometric fingerprint security! The UI design is familiar to the last iteration of MBUX, but the UI is looking sexier than ever, but the system is also much easier to use. Today we explore: - New S Class Interior Infotainment system - 3D Driver zone - Driver Zone Designs - HUD upgrade - Augmented Reality - “Hey Mercedes” Voice assistance upgrade - Fingerprint scanner, facial recognition and more - Power in the rear seat I love the Sport design, and can’t wait to see it in the S Class and then AMG S63 versions down the line! No doubt the New C Class interior will also follow suit. Up next on on RBR is the AVTR drive teased in the last Vlog video


Episode titleNew 2021 S-CLASS INTERIOR! Future of Mercedes Luxury Technology!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date8 July 2020
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