New 7 Series! Why the Big Grille, BMW?!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


40% Larger Grille on the New 7er!? Where has this new design language come from? Something we intend to explore, and laugh about today! Hey guys, welcome back to RBR, we’ve done some in depth #BMW reviews this year with the M5 Competition and M2 Comp and the 8 Series at the start of the year. But one we really wanted to tackle was the new #7series, and I want to start that by addressing the Elephant in the room... No not you Dumbo, get lost, I’m talking about that grille! It’s grown some 40% and The BMW fandom is in uproar, all the keyboard warriors are out, we just don’t get it! I bet you’ve all seen the huge grille meme in this video at some point by now, yes things are out of control. This is a Bold and significant step for BMW design, and it’s one that is carrying through on to other cars. And I don’t think it’s one that’s come out of nowhere: so we will go back in time to the last Era BMW truly had a stately and luxurious looking Limousine, like the 1936 BMW 326, BMW’s first four door saloon. It’s this era of car that these new models perhaps link to, and we can’t ignore how all major luxury sedans over time have had big intimidating grilles, like BMW owned Rolls Royce, and the main competitor S Class, and even the A8 has grown. It’s what we, the customer, believe is a symbol of luxury. The new car also has slender lights, and upright front facia give the car a presence you won’t soon forget. Of course this same look is also on their flagship luxury SUV the X7, where it leaves a similarly lasting impression. We will explore this mid life facelift, which is one of the most extensive in recent car manufacturer history! After that, a look inside the class leading High Tech interior, and the especially luxurious rear seat comfort package!! So we will also explore this on the road being chauffeured. Today we explore: - The new Big Grille Design - BMW 326, and BMW 501. - Old 7 Vs 5 Series - Vs Rolls Royce Ghost - Vs S Class - Carbon core tech - Aluminium twin turbo engines - Short and long wheelbase cars - The range topper is the M760Li Xdrive - The V8 is the 750i Xdrive - New 7 Series interior - Rear Seat Comfort luxury pack - As a passenger Up next on on RBR is The New Porsche GT2 RS!!


Episode titleNew 7 Series! Why the Big Grille, BMW?!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date24 October 2019
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