NEW GLC 63S better than a C63??! + Update on New GLC 43!!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


The Fastest SUV in the World!! (On the ring!) The Facelift of one of the most BRUTAL AMG models, the new GLC63S!! Last time I reviewed the GLC63S coupé, we found it to be an al weather C63 on stilts, sports car performance in an SUV and a true game changer: but there were some areas to improve. Because the last GLC came so late in the C Class’s life, it was left as the poor cousin without the facelift digital screens and a dated interior. NOW it’s jumped ahead of the C Class, with MBUX, touchpad, digital screens and a more varied exterior design. And to start let’s talk about the exterior updates, especially the new front end and somewhat controversial rear lights!! That wider grille and softer front nose. I’ll also show you the standard version in the GLC 300d. And even compare the look of the pre facelift and the coupe vs the SUV. Coupé looks better still to my eyes but I’m obsessed with coupes, I think it’s the best looking SUV four in the world, especially compared to that new X4M. In terms of the AMGs all models come with electronic slippy diff now, and while power is the same 510BHP, the car has been updated with the C63/GT63 AMG Dynamics software to better vary the handling based on driving mode: we will explore this on the road. The changes have allowed this car to retake the Nürburgring record away from Stelvio Quadrifoglio, making this the fastest SUV on the ring in the world!! Now when this came out we were all expecting the updated GLC43 too, and loads of you asked me on Instagram too as we’d love to have one on the channel. And I have an update on this model for you too!! So are the changes enough to update from the old car, or vs getting a C 63?


Episode titleNEW GLC 63S better than a C63??! + Update on New GLC 43!!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date13 June 2019
Run time18:53

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