New GLS 580 V8 Hybrid! + AMG and Maybach update!!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


THE S Class of SUVs?! The brand new GLS 580 4matic full review is here guys! Featuring the world’s first V8 with ISG hybrid boost, and some amazing suspension trucks, let’s explore the whole new 2019 / 2020 GLS.

The original was first produced in 2006 under the name GL, at a similar time to the Audi Q7, and was based on a stretched and widened ML platform, rather than the traditional 7 seater body of frame. Second gen was renamed to GLS, to link it to S Class family, just as the ML was renamed to GLE. Though despite it’s comfort, it still remained technologically inferior to even the C Class, let alone an S Class. And now comes the third generation, without the shackles and limitations of being a facelift, it intends to live up to the S Class in it’s name.

We will compare the new GLS vs Old GLS and GL, so we can check out the new design as well as the new length and width. Also check some links to S Class, like the LED design and some tech! The interior also needs looking to with a new design, and the MBUX awesome interior system. Speaking of which, the GLS as moved on in tech too and like the New GLE, is based on a 48V electrical system. That allows for use of more clever technology, such as the clever E-active suspension which is according to MB the only system to control the spring and dampening independently on each wheel, plus a host of performance and comfort benefits we’ll discuss on the drive. Oh, and it’ll dance for you too. J/K it’s not a dance, but to help the car escape when stuck off road. The suspension is epic BUT more crucially for this GLS 580 and the 450, it gives the car a performance hike! Just as we saw in the GLE 450 and AMG GLE53, this 580 has an electric starter alternator in-between it’s V8 engine and gearbox, giving the base power of 489BHP and 500nm an EQ Boost of 22BHP and 250NM respectively!!


Episode titleNew GLS 580 V8 Hybrid! + AMG and Maybach update!!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date25 June 2019
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