The Best C63 S Mods! Louder Exhaust and Facelift Looks!

Added on 21 Dec 2020


Making the Best #AMG ever better! Here are some simple but super effective upgrades to do on your prefacelift C63 S and facelift too! A year ago I bought and restored my Edition 1 to it’s stock finish, and today it’s time to upgrade it in a few significant ways. And my purpose for sharing this is so you guys do the same to your cars! Firstly, the exterior looks with the facelift parts, secondly how to get the Edition 1 wheel finish done correctly, and finally making the #MercedesAMG stock exhaust louder for both facelift and pre facelift cars, with the world’s simplest to install but most effective mod from Renntech Europe. And then go on a drive to show you the results. Oh and there will be a teaser of my C Black Series being sprayed solar beam hidden in the video, look for it! So as many facelift owners in the UK/Europe and USA discovered, the sound of our beloved #C63 had been neutered in the facelift by regulations imposed on AMG, so less pops and bangs and volume. So I did what any insane petrol head would do, and sold it to buy the older louder one! But being a slightly older car, it needed some restoration. For example I got whole new seat and door card leather from AMG installed by Prototrim, and paint correction and PPF by dub customs. But the hardest bits to get right were the wheels, the painted finish is insanely hard to get back to 100% factory finish, and mine were looking tired and needed to be brought back to life. So I went to the best in the business at Kerbsafe! I warn you, this footage is extremely satisfying to watch, one of these videos on tiktok is at 6.3 million views! Next, I would love to have the facelift’s aggressive parts on the outside, so I sourced these from AMG and went with the full Aerodynamic Carbon Package variant of the facelift. And it’s all happening at the MB World’s Bodyshop where my C Black is currently being resprayed. AND the most important one: SOUND! Most modern cars have exhaust flaps controlled by the car’s ECU, and they’re usually only fully open at high speeds or rev ranges. BUT what if you could force it open all the time…? Enter Renntech Europe’s EVM Exhaust module!! Now the great thing is, this is available for both my pre facelift, and Facelift cars! And across the range on AMGs too. Can’t wait to show you the sound of the facelift, and my pre-facelift on the road! So today we explore: - AMG Edition 1 Wheel Refurbishment at Kerbsafe - Upgrading to the Facelift C63 S Parts - Carbon Aerodynamic Pack - Renntech EVM Exhaust Valve Control Module - Pre-Facelift Exhaust Sound - Facelift Exhaust Sound - Driving Exhaust Sound Review - Conclusion Up next on on RBR is a special video with Chris Harris, New Panamera Turbo S, Cayenne GTS, Taycan Turbo S and MUCH MUCH More!!


Episode titleThe Best C63 S Mods! Louder Exhaust and Facelift Looks!
Episode number1
Date added21 December 2020
Original date10 October 2020
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