ANOTHER V12! Collecting My Aston Martin DBS in Ultra-Rare Midnight Blue

Added on 17 Feb 2022

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What’s better than one V12 in the garage? Two! It’s collection day of my Midnight Blue Aston Martin DBS!

I said that V12s are even better when they come in pairs! Enough teasing, it's time to collect my 2011 Aston Martin DBS in Midnight Blue, and what better than to head up to McGurk Performance Cars in my newly bought Ferrari GTC4Lusso for the occasion.

I've long been a fan of the older shape Aston Martin DBS, one of the most beautiful designs of any car in my eyes and very relevant to my personal history having owned the V8 Vantage Roadster back in 2010 and dreamed of upgrading it to a DBS. However, it was when we visited McGurk's recently with that very V8 Vantage for a full inspection and to kick start the maintenance, that I stumbled upon this extraordinary example of the DBS.

The vast majority of these cars are black, grey/silver, or white, with many in Casino Royale, following in the footsteps of James Bond 007. However, it's very unusual to find one that's factory painted in a shade that isn't greyscale, and for me as a blue fan in particular, this Midnight Blue car stood out a mile away. In fact the very moment I saw it for the first time is captured on camera on @The Shmuseum channel!

Regardless, here it is, ready to be brought home to the garage in style with the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. It's been a period of absence for a V12 equipped car in the collection, but there are now two and they mean business!


Episode titleANOTHER V12! Collecting My Aston Martin DBS in Ultra-Rare Midnight Blue
Episode number1
Date added17 February 2022
Run time22:53
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