BUCKET LIST! I Raced My AMG GT Black Series 4,000 Miles From Home at Yas Marina

Added on 12 Mar 2022

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Bucket list ticked with my AMG GT Black Series at Yas Marina! Never did I think I might one day experience driving my own supercar from the UK at the famous Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix track, but join for me an insane time with it on track in the UAE!

It's been quite the adventure with my car in the Middle-East, but to absolutely put the icing on the cake is to drive it on such an iconic racing circuit; in fact the track that played out the final race of the 2021 F1 World Championship in the most dramatic fashion. Yas Marina was remodeled last year, and some of the tighter corners removed to really up the pace and you sure do feel that at the wheel of a car like the AMG GT Black Series.

Having booked myself onto the Yas Premium Car Track Day, the experience includes a few laps at the wheel of their Vantage GT4 car, as well as a private bit box, and full hospitality including dinner and refreshments. However, I didn't previously know what to expect, but the result was an absolutely dream set up to get a feel for my car in anger on this F1 circuit.

After some gentle warm up laps and some fun on track with a Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO and Porsche 911 GT2 RS, the confidence starts to build up with the reassurance that this fantastic car provides. By far and away the most nervous section is heading under the hotel with the new faster layout, and conscious of Latifi's incident that lead to the safety car deployment, and ultimately the drama unfolding that took Max Verstappen to his first F1 World Championship over Lewis Hamilton.

However, that's not all, I took my car up to the famous Jebel Jais mountain road, and that has to be shared too, another iconic venue to visit with my car during this extraordinary visit to another continent with the GT BS. While keeping the track laps slightly in check with a plan to preserve the car given the onwards adventures, it doesn't stop me from having a lot of fun over a few track sessions.


Episode titleBUCKET LIST! I Raced My AMG GT Black Series 4,000 Miles From Home at Yas Marina
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Date added12 March 2022
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