DOUBLE VENENO! Dubai Hypercar Shopping with My AMG GT Black Series

Added on 27 Feb 2022

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I'm reunited with my AMG GT Black Series in Dubai, and straight off to find a PAIR of Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters at VIP Motors!

It's been longer than intended since I parked up the AMG GT Black Series at CARS Dubai, but finally the Middle-East adventure with the Shmeemobile can continue. The first stop however is to head straight over to one of the leading car dealerships in Dubai, VIP Motors, where inside sit some exceptional cars.

Finding one Lamborghini Veneno is a rare thing with only 3 Coupes + 1 Prototype Coupe, and 9 Roadsters in existence worldwide, so seeing two sat side by side is utter madness. However, it's also being reunited with this satin black and green interior example that I actually drove myself for a few miles in London quite a few years ago. But it's not only the Venenos at VIP Motors, but they are flanked on either side by two Bugatti Divos, along with a number of other hypercars like a Chiron, Enzo, Elva, 918 Spyder, two Monzas and more.


Episode titleDOUBLE VENENO! Dubai Hypercar Shopping with My AMG GT Black Series
Episode number1
Date added27 February 2022
Run time17:47
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