Fixing My GTC4Lusso V12 Sound! The NOVITEC Solution | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 3

Added on 22 Mar 2022

The Shmeemobiles


The upgrade my Ferrari GTC4Lusso needed! A compulsory stop on the Where's Shmee Eurotour, to visit Novitec for the installation of a Switchtronic to unleash the natural sound of the V12, before we head onwards for a blast on the Autobahn to Motorworld Munich!

After a long journey from Belgium to Germany in some pretty horrific weather, we're making a checkpoint at Novitec who are well known for the full N-Largo packages and exhausts. However, one upgrade I've been very keen to replicate from my previous V12 Lusso, is to install the Novitec Switchtronic that comes with a switch to offer control of the exhaust valves.

Of course, another option would be a full exhaust system however in the case of this car it's very much a comfortable GT and daily cruiser so I'm not keen to make it very loud - there are other cars in the garage for that, like the Huracan STO! The Switchtronic is the perfect balance giving the sharpness of the sound that you already get with the stock hardware, but allowed it to carry through at lower revs when you want to.

After the work is complete, we're straight onto the Autobahn for the onward leg towards Munich, and what a drive it is with the V12 screaming away on the derestricted sections. However, we also make a small detour for a flying visit to Motorworld, were the display is incredible. Having only recently opened, it's home to McLaren Munich and Bugatti Munich amongst others; so try 5 McLaren hypercars, 8 Bugatti hypercars, and even a Reventon out for size!


Episode titleFixing My GTC4Lusso V12 Sound! The NOVITEC Solution | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 3
Episode number1
Date added22 March 2022
Run time22:38
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