HOW TO: Making My Zenvo TSR-S Carbon Fibre Wheels! | ROAD TO ZENVO Part 4

Added on 13 Feb 2022

The Shmeemobiles


My Zenvo TSR-S is in production, and first up we're checking out the super light carbon fibre wheels! I've opted for the lightest wheel option on the hypercar, and it's amazing to be able to get involved behind the scenes at the Zenvo HQ in Denmark, to see how they are made. During the Road to Zenvo series, we're following my TSR-S hypercar all the way through the motions from the initial specification to producing various components and ultimately the delivery.

For such a brutal and aggressive machine, my choices for the colours are certainly wild, and one area that stands out of interest is when it comes to the wheels and just how light Zenvo's carbon wheel technology is. With a 21" wheel up front and a 22" wheel at the back, there are a few options to choose between, where even the standard wheels are light to begin with. Head to the carbon choices with either a chopped or 4x4 weave finish, and you start to save some serious unsprung mass. In fact the front wheel weighs in at just 6.9kg and the rear at only 7.75kg - extraordinary numbers for such large wheels, and making the total set only 29.3kg.

With the car now in build, the next update means we should be able to return and see it being painted! Thanks for watching,


Episode titleHOW TO: Making My Zenvo TSR-S Carbon Fibre Wheels! | ROAD TO ZENVO Part 4
Episode number1
Date added13 February 2022
Run time17:00
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