Added on 15 Feb 2022

The Shmeemobiles


A Ferrari V12 returns to my garage, I've bought another Ferrari GTC4Lusso! When this car came for sale, with such a complemenetary spec to my inbound SF90 Stradale, it had to happen, so let's head to HR Owen Ferrari Mayfair to collect it and bring it home.

After previously owning both a Ferrari FF, and a GTC4Lusso that I sold about 15 months ago, it's time to get back into the fold of a V12 from Maranello in the collection. The Ferrari 3-door hatch/shooting break format is one I've always really enjoyed and despite seling my previous car, when this popped up at my dealer, it was too tempting to resist.

You might be wondering, why no 812 GTS? I make no secret that I'd love a GTS down the line, however as per my recent video driving one, the prices are currently too high for me to justify (over list price for a car I can't spec) so I shall take some time for the right car down the line. For now, the Lusso is going to make a superb support car for a big upcoming tour I have planned with the SF90.

After setting off from @The Shmuseum, we're onboard the team Audi RS3 to head into central London and collect the Ferrari. The spec of this specific car is in Blu Pozzi, a heritage paint colour, with a Sabbia interior with Blu Sterling and Blu Medio accents. It's a very traditional, smart and elegant spec, suitable to such a wonderful car that can start to see more daily driving again after the sale of the AMG G63 and Porsche Taycan.


Episode titleI BOUGHT ANOTHER V12 FERRARI! New GTC4Lusso Shmeemobile
Episode number1
Date added15 February 2022
Run time18:17
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