I Found the FAMOUS "Top Gear" Zenvo! Amazing Denmark Car Collection | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 24

Added on 25 Apr 2022

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Welcome to the Strøjer Collection in Denmark, home to some exceptional cars, including the most famous Zenvo in the world! From Formula 1 racecars, to beautiful classics, via hypercars and extraordinary Ferraris, let's take a look around the Strøjer Samlingen. While travelling across Europe on the Where's Shmee tour, we are making our way towards Zenvo to see my TSR-S in assembly, so naturally a stop by the wonderful Strøjer Collection, which just so happens to house the most famous of Zenvos is a must.

While a private collection and not open for the public, the Strøjer Samlingen operates as a venue for meetings, conferences and other purposes, with the added bonus of being surrounded by over 100 amazing cars. This particular Zenvo ST1 became so famous after appearing on Top Gear a decade ago, when unfortunately the car suffered an incendiary incident that the production team didn't hold back from publicising. However, it was of course then fully restored and put to correct working order and is now privately owned and residing in this collection. As Zenvo Chassis #5, it also sits opposite Koenigsegg CC8S chassis #5, in a garage that contains so much more. Whether it's the Bugattis of old and new, the Ferraris similarly, or even the Aston Martin Vantage V8 and Vanquish from James Bond movies, there's so much to see. The Strøjer Collection showcases a wonderful variety of cars of all ages, even including a number that have been owned by members of the Danish Royal Family, through to the current and future monarchs. Thank you so much to the Strøjer Samlingen team for this opportunity to visit and take a look around this wonderful garage! You can find out more about the cars and facility here: https://strojersamlingen.dk https://instagram.com/strojersamlingen Thanks for watching.


Episode titleI Found the FAMOUS "Top Gear" Zenvo! Amazing Denmark Car Collection | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 24
Episode number1
Date added25 April 2022
Run time17:25
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