My Friend JayEmm BOUGHT a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Added on 18 May 2022

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My friend, @JayEmm on Cars has bought himself a rather lovely Ferrari F12 Berlinetta! Today, we're at @The Shmuseum with James and the F12 to talk all about it and go out for a drive. Believe it or not, it's also my first proper drive in a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, ever! JayEmm is quickly becoming quite the Ferrari collector, having bought a 550 Maranello, then adding a 430 Scuderia, and now the F12berlinetta which he's brought down to my garage for us to check out together. Not only that, it's equipped with the plate "F12 TOO", given he's bought an F12, too. Today we're talking about all things Ferrari, his recent trips, thoughts on the "Firefly" Lotus, and much more, while of course going out for a run in the F12 with James driving first, before we swap over for what's actually my first ever, proper drive in a Ferrari F12 ever. While I've spent a bit of time in the F12tdf, and have previously briefly driven an F12 around Beverly Hills, I've actually never really explored the F12 itself out on some open roads. Believe it or not, in only a couple of months of ownership, James has already driven 5,000 miles in his car including a stunning piece he shot with it in "Hertfordshire" (that's a reference to a Clarkson segment from Top Gear, it was in fact up in Scotland). That's exactly the dream for a V12 equipped Ferrari GT like this, and without doubt it has certainly caught my attention too. If you aren't already, check out @JayEmm on Cars for plenty of great, detailed looks at all sorts of cars


Episode titleMy Friend JayEmm BOUGHT a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
Episode number1
Date added18 May 2022
Run time33:22
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