My Zenvo TSR-S is BEING BUILT! Assembly Hall Update | ROAD TO ZENVO Part 6

Added on 15 Mar 2022

The Shmeemobiles


Things are progressing fast for my Zenvo TSR-S! I'm in Denmark for a full update as the hypercar is now in the assembly hall and there's lots to see from the new lightweight components to the engine and gearbox ready to go in.

It's always special to return to Zenvo's HQ in Præsto, Denmark to continue the Road to Zenvo series, following the progress of my TSR-S as it goes through the motions from spec to delivery. Having previously seen the manufacturing of the carbon fibre wheels, and the Lilla Perlemor paint being applied, this time we're going to get a little more technical.

First up, we're joined by Christian, Director of Design, for a progress update and to see some of the bespoke parts. Then Bertie who leads the Production side, talks us through the weight savings in play through Zenvo's in house carbon manufacturing as well as the specifics of my car including the engine and gearbox. Lastly, but by no means least, Troels, founder of Zenvo, dives in for a much closer look at the specifics of the new clutch being used.

Stay tuned because at the next update things will have plentifully jumped on and we might be closing towards a full car!


Episode titleMy Zenvo TSR-S is BEING BUILT! Assembly Hall Update | ROAD TO ZENVO Part 6
Episode number1
Date added15 March 2022
Run time20:52
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